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                     LIGHTS OFF!!
      After a boring engineering education at Calcutta, finally I had been at my home town. I was surprised to see lot of changes in station premises like new platform, neat toilets& new cloak room e.t.c.I felt happy and thought that may be the sign of new government in the state. I picked up my luggage and came out of the station. You know it’s a 2 km walk from the station to my place by a dusty road among the most beautiful paddy fields. And a sort of beautiful village smell welcomes you, as you pass on through it. Once you enter into the village, you can see so many smiling faces as inviting you. Which you cannot see in these cities.
        That’s so nice. But it’s not!
What Sashi Rekha? What happened?    (ACTING LIKE KNOWING NOTHING)
          Why are you coming closer Arjun?  (WHILE SHE IS TRYING TO MOVE AWAY)                                                                          Don’t know, but you are looking so dazzling in this white Saree.And especially your jasmine smell is forcing me to reach you.
          Just close your eyes and nose. Then there will be no problem. If you do like this, I will call my grand ma.   (WITH HIDING LAUGH)
For what? Complaining? Or for any suggestions? If it's the reason, I know how to play the game.     (WITH A SHARP LOOK INTO HER EYES)
           Shut up dear!
Then, what she will do in our first night?
          She is a good story teller. Till yesterday, she used to tell me the stories in the nights. And I used to fall into sleep slowly, while listening to her stories like a baby!
Baby? You?
           Ya.Dont you know? I am sweet and small baby. (WITH A EXPRESSION AND VOICE, REALLY SEEMED TO LIKE A BABY)          I am amazed with your cute baby expressions. You are really looking like a baby. You know onething, I have decided just now, to buy toys & chocolates to you.  (IN A CALM VOICE)
           Really! Thank you so much. Then I want...I want many!     (THREE YEARS BABY ONLY CAN TALK LIKE THIS)
many means?
           Many means many.    (WITH CHILDISH EXPRESSIONS AGAIN)
Deal is okay. But this time I am out of control with her childish behaviour. I have taken her beautiful face into my two hands. I came close to her less than little nano millimeters.Her face resembles like a wet red rose, in my hands. Her lips are shivering like; petals of flower in the rain. I winked her, and slowly moved to her fore head to kiss.
            Arjun! Arjun! Where are you? Are you dreaming?
With her shout, now I am feeling present. Bull shit! Is this my dream? How beautiful the dream is!
             Arjun, can you continue the story or can I call my grand ma?   (WITH HIDING LAUGH)
Do you know? This is block mailing. I think in the universe, no bride will want to hear a story from bridegroom on their first night. May be this is the first case & best to accept for Guinness book of world records. And I have turned aside. (NOW THIS IS MY TURN TO PUT CHILDISH FACE)
This time, she has come close to me. I expected a lot. But she has just grabbed my nose with her smooth right hand.
Its paining baby! My nose is very sensitive.    (ACTING AS I HAVE MORE PAIN)
              Then, can we cancel the programme dear? (IN A CALM VOICE WITH SMILE ON FACE)
          Then continue the story Arjun... (WITH A LAUGH)

        As I had entered into the village, I felt there is some sort of disturbance. As I was stepping ahead, found a 60 years aged woman. I thought that “I knew her before”. She wore a heavy crumpled green Saree, and her hair was irregular around her head. She sat on a rock, which was under the tree. I observed that “she is talking to herself”.
       Bloody thieves, stolen everything from me. From the alone old woman..Bastards! God is there He will curse you. He will punish you .you will smashed off. Bloody thieves.
        I tried to talk with her. But she was not listening to me. And she gave me advice “take care, thieves are there"...She was continuously telling "take care, thieves are there”. A sort of tense rose in me, not because of her. Due to, what she told! I had started my walk to home& reached the home in 5 minutes from there.
        While I reached my home, my parents were in deep sleep. I quiet surprised to see, because then time was 11 in the morning. Not only my parents, while I was coming from the station, I could not notice any one on the streets except that old lady and some street dogs and pets. I thought that "They are also in sleep”. I woke up my parents, after three trials.
             "When did you come, Arjun?"My father asked.
             "I came before my three hard calls to wake up you “I said.
             "Oh I am sorry my son. “He apologised
             "Its Okay dad. You need not to tell sorry to your son “I replied.
             "We have been sleeping in the day time for a week, not in night “told in a dull    voice, while he was taking off from the bed."Situation is not so good here “my mother told.
       I didn't understand that, what they were saying. My mother interrupted the topic with her formal questions. But actually I was so curious to know the situation in my village.
nteresting Arjun! What was the real situation in your village?          (WITH ANXIETY))
Out of control!
           Out of control means what?
A woman in Saree can kill anyone without any weapons! Especially like you.
           Then she has covered her navel area based on my looks, with wrapping a portion of Saree around it.
Damn! I couldn’t have told to you.
               Shut up! Continue the story...       (WITH A LITTLE SHY ON HER FACE)
Your Aunt insisted me that “we can discuss all these things, while taking lunch.
              My aunt! Who is that?
I don't think that you are such a beautiful idiot! My mother is your aunt! Right?
              Hey, I am not idiot. I thought, a new character entered into the story.
Really? Say truth..
               Yes it’s true. Then, what happened later?    (WITH A SWEET SMILE)

  What happened? We just ate lunch.
               Not that. Story!  (IN A LOUD VOICE WITH ANGRY LOOK)

After eating, I slept up to 4 in the evening; in my mother's garden
                Mother's garden?
Ya! My mother is so fond of plants. She looks after the plants &trees as her son. She planted nearly 30 verities of vegetable plants & 20 varieties plants were flowering daily. I think that is the most beautiful & peaceful place in the world.
                Really? I want to see that. When will you take me to there, Arjun? Can they accept us?
Sure, but it takes time. There has been no love marriage in my community till today. Trend started with us. Let’s see. I wondered that" your parents have accepted me”. Really your family members are such a broad minded and wonderful persons. But I know one thing; this is all because of you. They strongly believe in you. And I have seen that they are giving much respect to your thoughts, taste, decisions, and ideas. You are so lucky Rekha.
                  Enough...Enough...Thank you for praising me. You are saying all the nonsense, but what happened in your village?

         I had interrupted my father, while he was pouring the water to the plants."Dad, you haven't told me yet, what happened? “I asked. Nothing son, a group of thieves are roaming around all the villages of our mandal" he replied. I shocked."Didn't you see in news papers at Calcutta?"My mother asked, while she was helping my father to bring the water from the nearby well."The situation in our villages is covered by electronic media also “My dad told while he was taking off the waste plants."So, all the people in our village have become security guards to their properties in the night time “A male voice came from back side with a familiar laugh. It was Rahul, my best friend from childhood. He hugged me as soon as he came. We chitchatted for nearly two hours about our lives, our families, situation in the villages.
Rekha has raised her hand as a student in class IV, and shouted that "One doubt!
Common baby! Ask.
                  Uncle told to you that “Villages of your mandal. Not about your village”. Then why you guys were afraid?
I am unable to understand, whether you are asking these childish questions by knowingly or unknowingly. Villages of my mandal means, my village should be there among them. Understand!         (LITTLE BIT OF FRUSTRATIION)
                   Rekha laughs.
Unknowingly my face also becomes smiley. Please don’t ask heart breaking questions!
                   Sorry...Sorry I don't ask. You carry on     (HIDING SMILE BY PUTTING HAND ON MOUTH))

         Rahul told me that “Thieves are from Bihar”, “How can you say that?"I asked him."I don't know. I heard from the people. “How much they have stolen till now in the mandal?"I asked. I heard a shocking reply that “nothing"."What? Then, how the people are thinking that thieves are present in our mandal?" I asked."Actually they tried to steal, but they couldn’t. “He replied. I thought that “there is something wrong".
        We had decided to go outside, because I felt bore. I told to my mother that “I am going out with Rahul. She insisted me to take care of myself. We came out of the house at 7 in the night. Children were playing on the roads irrespective of fear of vehicles. Men were at their entrance gates carrying long strong sticks .Women were ready with a plastic bottles. I expected that "they were pepper bottles”. All young men were roaming on the roads with bikes. Whenever they reached to homes of their love, they were blowing their bike horns vigorously.
 I didn't understand that time "why these young men wants more attention from their love”. But now I do. God did a magic in my life in the last year, on this day at 10:28 AM .That was most precious moment in my life, revealing the most beautiful & stunning Sashi Rekha. At that moment I thought that "Lord Brahma manufactured me for you only”. From that moment, my heart had been telling that “you are perfect meaning to me”. Totally, I am nothing without you .My life is for you Rekha.I love you. I love you forever and ever. I don't know, why I becoming emotional now. My eyes are becoming wet. I just closed my eyes.
            Love you too ...My sweet Arjun... (WITH MUCH AFFECTION)
I don’t know when she has approached? But now I have sensed her kiss on my closed eyes, within seconds I have felt her tight hug too. I am hearing her voice, from a few nanometres away saying that "what next? “.I have opened my eyes. We are still in that position. Can I switch off the light?
                        Now she has moved away from me. Do you know stopping the story telling, in the mid is a big sin?
Really? Who told? I know your grand ma..I have turned aside.
                         “If you unable to contro....then complete the story telling fast “she has told and laughs continuously.
Wow! You are positively responding to me, for first time. But, do you know waiting gives more kick!(I WHISPERED SLOWLY AT HER EAR)
                            Shut up baby!..  (WITH A SHY ON HER FACE)
Wow, you called me baby! Sure I need to complete it fast.
         Rahul got a message that “comes fast to Temple Street from our common friend”. So we rushed to the place on Rahul's bike. Already our village youth gathered there and they had started searching. Actually temple street was a full of mango gardens. Somebody informed to our youth that “thieves are present in mango gardens”. We searched a lot but could not find any one there. Finally while we were returning to go back, I had seen a bright light blinking and white colour background at a considerable distance. I thought that "may be, a white colour shirt thieve looking at us with an imperfect torch light. I showed that to my friends. They were also confused about that. But we confirmed that, “somebody is starring at us from behind the mango tree”. Finally I convinced them, as “he is a thief”. So we circled, like players in the cricket match .While we were discussing about the situation, one of group mates told “he is coming to our side”. Immediately our circle had broken, and tense increased in our group. We picked up the sticks strongly in our hands, as they can smash in our tight grip alone."Yes he is coming to our side, take positions guys “I shouted. We had taken our positions with our weapons, like soldiers in a Hollywood epic film.
Amazing! Then what happened? Did you guys fight with him? Or maybe did he carry any pistol? What happened? Arjun?
We laughed.
Yes. We laughed, by seeing at each other.
              What? Why did you laugh by seeing thief?
He was not a thief or a vilian.He was a cow.
Sorry, that was a cow. Eyes of a cow usually blink in dark. And the colour of cow is usually in white colour. We had mistaken.
              You idiots! I imagined a lot, as you guys were fighting. And your gang had good applause from the village people
but, have you observed one thing here? The way we mixed the things is so funny right?
             You only mixed the things. Why are you adding this to your friends? Idiot!   
 First baby! Now Idiot ah?
              Yes, my sweet idiot!        (SHE CAN ONLY TURN THE SITUATION TO HER SIDE)
Sweet idiot! So romantic! I have to finish this fast.         
We just came back after taking promise from each one, not to leak this into village. Otherwise we couldn't have voice in the village.
            So funny! Continue...
I took leave from the gang, because I tired due to train journey from Calcutta. I slept that night, even though my parents were still wake up. I woke up '5' in the morning on next day. My mother was still there at the entrance gate of my house. She was chatting with our neighbour, Sujatha aunty. I searched for my father. But he was not there. While I was coming to outside, my mother told me that "people caught one of the thieves in the night at the Lord Sai Baba temple".
             As soon as I heard this, I rushed to the temple. There had been lot of people gathered around the electric people. Some people were at a distance from the pole and chatting with each other. I expected that “people may tie him to that pole. I tried to reach him through the huge crowd. While I was passing through the crowd, I heard while people were discussing about the situation in their own ways. Somebody was saying that “we couldn't beat him”. Somebody was saying that “what happened is happened, leave it”. “If we feel sad, will he come as alive?"Many people supported this statement. I had reached the electric pole finally. Yes he was beaten by the people badly. His entire body became wet, with his own blood. I thought that, “his face is not new to me”. I was unable to notice him. But I was sure, he is not a thief. There was no sign of any moment in his body. I thought that" he is no more"
What Arjun? Wasn’t he thief? Is he innocent? Is he dead?
             He was not dead. He was murdered by our foolish people. I enquired the people “whether anyone has seen, while he was stealing”. But no one replied to me positively. Some people said that “he is not speaking Telugu or Hindhi “.Some people told that “he is speaking Bihar language” I didn't understand “how our Telugu people know Bihar language”. I think they usually speak in Hindi or Bhojpuri. I didn’t understand that “Why people are chanting Bihar?
            Finally after 2 days, fact was revealed. I & our village people felt ashamed by shocking news. My friend Rahul had wakened me up while I was in the bed. He told me that "the person was dead by our foolish people, is not an ordinary person”. Who is he?" I asked in a sleepy mood."He was a professor, sick professor!"He told. I shocked©
 Sick professor?
Mentally sick! Do you know his profile? He did his PhD from Harvard University and published many research papers on new generation of aircraft engines. But unfortunately his mind was sick.
                  Really it is so unfortunate Arjun.
I felt very bad. Later I reminded him. I studied his articles in journals at the college.©

                 Even, what will we do now? Then what about thieves? Did you guys catch them
We tried a lot, to catch them. We had many sleepless nights thereafter. But we couldn’t.
To be frank, there were no thieves.
Yes. Some useless fellows of my village started this rumour.
                Rumour! Oh my god! Rumour killed a person!
 Yes. That too, he is not an ordinary person.
                Ya.Any way we missed him. I can develop this story into a novel; there can be more people come to know about the severity of a rumour.
Good! You can put the title as “Rumour can do anything”.
                Don't you have any love stories?
Why? You want to hear a story again? Oh my god!
                You know? My grand ma tells love stories beautifully. Can l call my grandma!      (WITH A LAUGH)
grand ma...No way. I don’t want to waste even a nanosecond further.      ( I AM SO HURRY)
                Have you ever seen my grand ma in the house?      (LAUGHING CONTINUOUSLY)
No! But why you are laughing?
               You can see there, she points to a photo frame, which is hanged on the wall..(LAUGH BLUSTERED OUT)

You devil! You blackmailed me till now. Do you know, what is the punishment for this?
               What?    (IN A CALM VOICE WITH A NAUGHTY LOOK)
I am going to switch off the light...he...he
No...No... Please I am afraid of the dark.     (WITH A BIT OF FEAR ON VOICE)
Me too! But don’t worry I am there for you, you are there for me. You know one thing; presence of glowing light in the bed room on the first night is against the THEORY OF FIRST NIGHT.
                                                   !!LIGHTS OFF!!
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