Tuesday, 27 October 2015

                     SWEET TEARS
Wow...She smiled at you...Your waiting comes to an end....give your reply...Hey! Come on..Smile at her..Smile at her......she is going...going..
          Is that the smile? I don't think so.
Didn't you observe? The way, how she looked at you! And the way, how she smiled at you!
       Lightening in the sky can appear longer than that and Camera flash is much brighter than that.
See, I am your heart. I always say truth only to you. I am not only giving life to you and I always suggest the best for you. I think something has started in her. And I strongly believe that should be because of you only.
           Don’t try to convince me. You don't know about her. She has modern mindset with traditional looks. She smiles at everyone except me and talks to everyone except me
 You are right. She smiles at everyone except you. She talks to everyone except you. What it means?...You are something to her. You are so special to her. And most importantly, she likes you secretly. First time she responds to you positively. If you go and talk to her, you will come to know everything. I think, she is going to the temple. Remember, this is the last day of your college. And most importantly, this is the last chance to express your feelings.
           Even though, wonders won’t be happen. Because, she likes to avoid me. She enjoys my pain. And especially, she loves my tears.
Don’t think like that. You don’t know the importance of this day. Last day in the college is so precious. Lakhs of love birds will share their hidden feelings on this day. Ninety nine percent of love stories are successful on this day. Cat also can turn into tiger to express her love on this day.
        These theories don’t work at her.
Believe me for this time. Don’t waste time for stupid thinking. Go and talk to her now
          After hearing to my heart, I was unable to control myself without seeing her. Immediately, I rushed to the temple in a minute with nearly half of Husain Bolt's velocity. My body became totally wet due to sweat. I sat on the bench, which was arranged for devotees. She saw me from the temple while I was relaxing .Soon she came out of the temple, and started to walk towards me. I was in a mixed state of confusion and happiness, when she had started to come towards me. In another fifty seconds she came and sat next to me. I didn't know what to do. I and her were struggled a lot to start the conversation. After two minutes of silence, "Thanks for coming. I want to tell you something. Nobody knows it, even my close friends too. In fact, I don't know how to start" She said shyly. I studied somewhere as" girls have beauty in their shyness”. It became true in her case. I didn’t understand one thing”She said thanks to me “.Did she invite me? Anyway, I said thanks to my heart for forcing me. Because it seems I am something to her. I felt very happy for receiving positive vibrations from her. And I didn’t guess then “twist is going to happen soon”....
It was the time 8:00 PM to show on the mobile phones. Sky was too cloudy and atmosphere was chilling. Air started to show its intensity. Lightening and thunders were taking place periodically on the sky. Busy town had changed like a village with sudden changes in climate. People were few on the roads and street lights were blinking. Shop keepers were busy to shut down their shops. As soon as shop keeper had given me the small bag of fruits, started walk towards my car. While I was walking, I noticed some one was sitting in my car. My heart beat rose suddenly, because a portion of Sari was struggling in the air, through the side window. I reached my car and within seconds and shocked to recognize her. Her face was not new to me. Her avoiding was not new to me. Her hating was not new to me. It had been a year to see her face after our first conversation at temple. Slowly hands in the wall clock started to rotate back to the day at the temple.
        She continued “I don't know how to start...Today is the last day too...I am a girl and I cannot move freely at whom I like more. So, I painted all my feelings on this letter”. And she gave that letter to me. I couldn’t believe that, she poured her feelings into my hand in the form of letter. But my happiness sustained only for few seconds. Unintentionally, my fingers had started to unfold the letter. Soon she grabbed the letter from my hands with little bit of anger and started to say" Please don’t open. I gave him the hint that I am here. At any moment he will come here. I feel shy, when he is here. And I cannot express my love. So I need help from you. Please hand over this letter to him. I have an urgent work and I am leaving today night to my home. Please...please..."She requested .I just nodded head with a great confusion. She said thanks and left. My eyes had become wet within seconds .I felt “lakhs of needles are sewing my heart with lakhs of threads at a time. I cried like a kid. It was an awkward moment to all the devotees in the temple.
      "Hello...Hello! What are you thinking?"She made a sudden brake to my journey in the past."Hm...Nothing...Nothing” I tried to manage."You... In... Are... Car... My?"I asked. Her sudden appearance had killed my sentence, and she sniggered for my broken sentence."This is my car. What are you doing here?"This time I managed by showing seriousness on face."Sorry, I sat without your permission. In fact my brother-in-law could have picked up me. But my uncle has called me just now that he is on another work and suggested me to come by a taxi. But here no taxi is available. I have been waiting for two hours. Weather is also bad. Clouds are roaring. Lightening from the sky is so much frightening. This chilled air makes me to shiver. I don’t know that, this car belongs to you and I don’t have any options except this. That’s why; I hid in your car. “Said with a sweet and childish tone. At that instant I came to know the meaning of a Telugu movie caption “A boy can do everything for a girl “Breaking to my thoughts, I had got a phone call from my dad.
            "Where are you?"He asked
                    "Ha. Coming dad. I will be there in fifteen minutes."I replied
             "Come fast. Here good news is waiting for you" He said with much happiness
                    "Good news?  “I asked
             Yes my son. Years of pain comes to an end by today.You will be surprised. By the way, are you coming alone? "He asked.
                   "Yes. I am coming alone dad" I said.
            "Don't come alone. See somebody, who wants to come to our village" He said.
                   "Nobody will come to our village Ramapuram on this time.”I replied. I could see her glowing face
            “Just search. Our villagers may be there. Or people, who are coming first time to our village, may appear.” He said
                     I didn’t understand his words then.” Don’t worry dad, I am not a kid. I will come" I said in a firm voice and hung up the phone.
"I also have to go to Ramapuram. Please take me “She requested in low voice. I made a pose of thinking for international deal for a minute and finally I said okay. She was so happy.
             We both were getting ready to start our journey. We didn’t expect then”It was starting point to our life journey”. She came and sat in the front, next to me. I didn’t want to waste time, Soon Key was unlocked, Ignition started and tyres had started to roll. We were moving smoothly, not feeling any uneven on the road. Everything had started to respond positively. Rain had started to show its affection. It was falling with rhythm. Ilayaraja melody had started on the FM. Jasmine which was in her hair, had taken me into her custody. Everything which was present in the outside was going back.  And every feeling which was present in my inside was racing to the front with jet speed. She made me to realize an old man had overtaken our car with his old bicycle with her smile. Even though, I didn’t increase the speed. I wanted to spend more time with her. I wanted to share a lot with her. While I was trying to break the silence, her mobile rang. She picked up the phone and told that "I am coming with my...my...my....friend. He will drop me at home". I said million thanks to my heart .Because the way she looked at me was awesome while she was telling about me on the phone.
       "Sorry. I said to my uncle that you are my friend" She said slowly with her head bent down. Her sweet voice was dominating the ilayraja melody too. I don’t mind. I know we are just class mates. You just said about me as a friend to your uncle. They think 'friend' means"female friend".You don't have any problem"I tried to to convey my five years pain without seeing her face.I said what I want to.I didn't see reaction on her face,because i didn't want to.Car was moving gently.As usual,auto rickshaws  were  overtaking me and even one bicycle.I could see sarcastic smile on rider's face.
        Again silence for two minutes.I again broke the silence without seeing her face"You remember last year on this day,you gave me a letter.I waited till evening and tried next day too.But no one came.I wanted to talk about this with you.You didn't give me any chance.I heard your caller tune nearly hundred times for a year, but not a single time of  your own tone."Unintentionally speed of the car also increases as the depth of my words.Within ten seconds I over take the same bicycle rider."Sorry for that,I made you to wait a long time.In fact,I wanna tell you a love story.twenty four years back,a young man loved a young woman badly.As usual,Their parents didn't accept.They left their parents and had become couple.After two years that young man parents accepted them but young woman parents have not accepted till today."She said in shaking voice.we almost reached Ramapuram.In fact,I was frustrated of this nonsense."Why all these non sense you are telling to me?"I wanted to ask.But I couldn't after seeing her face.Her eyes became red and her voice was shivering.She was about to cry.She continued"You may have doubt,why i am telling this to you.Because there is a reason.that is,that young man is my father and young woman is my mother".I could hear the sound of tear drop on her right hand.I didn't know how to react to that.She continued"My mother has a brother.He has been in touch with us for fifteen years without telling to my grand parents.I joined in our college,because of my brother-in-law.My uncle's son.He studied there.""What?In our college?who?"I exclaimed.Our car was moving in village.I searched for her brother-in-law face among my class mates in my mind.Even after,so many permutations and combination I failed to get the answer.I was so curious to know.Then she asked me to stop the car suddenly.I didn't want to hear anything except that bloody brother-in-law name.I was waiting for her reply.I requested her.But she didn't.She shouted this time to stop the car.Unintentionally I applied much pressure on the brake.Car stopped suddenly.My head forced to hit to the steering due to inertia.She just moved forward,nothing happened."Why are you killing me?"I almost exhausted.She smiled.But in seconds,I realized that my car had stopped before my own house.I could see my parents were standing at the gate with another couple.They were smiling at us.I was confused for a second.She gave a single answer to all my confusions that "This is my grand parent's house.There you can see my uncle,aunt and my dad,ma".Even though I asked "Who is your brother-in-law?".Immediately she hugged me and said"Fool,You only".I enjoyed that feeling.I was the most happiest and luckiest person in the universe at that moment.
           You know?My parents and your mother's parents tried for one hour to separate us.After 3 months we got married.After 9 months you was born.Again after seven years you make us to go to our beautiful flash back.
       Super daddy!So nice of you both.Mom,You are not telling anything.
   Your pappa is not giving chance.How can I ?
       Dad,why are you not giving chance to mom?
       Your mom made me to cry for five years.This is the punishment.
        that's okay dad.But I think a link is missing in story.
        Ya.Mom gave a letter to you at  the temple na?What about that?
        Hm..Good girl.You are listening quite brilliant
      Thank you pappa.Tell me.What happened?
   I waited two days without leaving the temple.I requested priest to stay.But no use.Next day evening I returned to room.I was so tired because of two days waiting.When I was about to sleep,Letter had fallen from my study table on the ground.I just went there to pick up.And unfolded to see what she wrote.In my surprise,It was pure white paper.Nothing was there on the paper.I was shocked and got angry.
       Mom.What is this?Why did you give white paper?
  To make fun
       Okay you carry on.
       I gave a letter to give that to somebody.Then,what your genius daddy had to do?He had to ask about details of that person.But your daddy didn't.He waited for two days foolishly.
 Hey don't laugh at dad..Can I tell you a secret in your ear,your dad is not waited for him,waited for me..
       Great dad&Great mom.
You are also great son,Come on..Go to bed..Its already time 10 PM.Tomorrow you have to wake up early,School is there..
      Good Night



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